Halloween fun in Duluth, MN

One thing I have wanted to do for a while is go through the William A. Irvin Haunted Ship that is docked in Duluth.  We finally went through it last night! The scenes the group put together were all very creative. I can’t imagine how much work it must be to put something like that together. I think my favorite scene was the Beetlejuice room. The guy playing Beetlejuice looked exactly like the Beetljuice from the movie!

It felt real at times with sounds of footsteps and a chilling feeling of someone behind me when no one was.

There are stories of maintenance staff hearing spirits and seeing apparitions of William and Emily. William was scalded to death in 1964 and I’m not sure who Emily was. There are recordings of the spirits communicating with investigators and videos!

Check out the footage here:


New website with blog

Anyone who has their own website will understand. If you maintain a website during your day job (or if that is part of your job, but not the only thing you do), the last thing you want to do when you come home is maintain a website. Granted, it’s fun because it’s yours!

I put my own together years ago when I was about to receive my graphic design degree. I was looking for a new job and it’s good for graphic designers to have a website to showcase a portfolio to anyone checking out their resume. Plus, it also shows you know how to build a website!

Because maintaining a website is one of the many things I do for a corporation during the day, I don’t always feel enthusiastic about updating my own. I will check in on my website from time to time, making sure all is well. This morning to my absolute horror, I figured out my domain had expired behind my back!

It turns out I was paying to keep my privacy, but not renew my domain. What is disturbing is – I went through my payment history and I was told I was paying to renew my domain. To make a long story short, I re-purchased my domain, signed up for five years before I had to renew again and am now going through a different hosting company.

I am adding a blog to my portfolio website so hopefully, I am updating and refreshing it with new stuff a little more often than I had been. It is definitely good to keep the website fresh and I hope my new plan works!