Halloween fun in Duluth, MN

One thing I have wanted to do for a while is go through the William A. Irvin Haunted Ship that is docked in Duluth.  We finally went through it last night! The scenes the group put together were all very creative. I can’t imagine how much work it must be to put something like that together. I think my favorite scene was the Beetlejuice room. The guy playing Beetlejuice looked exactly like the Beetljuice from the movie!

It felt real at times with sounds of footsteps and a chilling feeling of someone behind me when no one was.

There are stories of maintenance staff hearing spirits and seeing apparitions of William and Emily. William was scalded to death in 1964 and I’m not sure who Emily was. There are recordings of the spirits communicating with investigators and videos!

Check out the footage here:


More good recipes


I absolutely love fall in Minnesota. It is that time of year when we have the most beautiful weather and pretty colors all over the landscape. It’s also when we can start wearing our cozy, warm clothes and enjoy that extra cold snap in the air. The other day we got our first snow! That was nothing – it melted right away, but freaked people out enough on the roads to make our commutes a little longer! I came home later than planned and started making one of my absolute favorite fall soups. Perhaps it will become one of your favorites too:

Deborah Madison’s Potato and Green Chile Stew found on Food52.com

*If you are a carnivore like me, adding about 4 slices of chopped up bacon about the same time you add in the onions is really tasty. Also – always use broth in this recipe. It is way more flavorful than adding water.

As long as I am in the mood to share, here is another good one for a cooler evening:

Lynne Rosetto Casper’s Pasta e Lenticchie (Pasta and Lentils) found on TheSplendidTable.org